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Quranic Verses & Agriculture | قرانی آیات اور زراعت

Islam offers the agricultural sector a special consideration and impatiently enjoins Muslims to benefit as much as they can from the bounties of Almighty Allah, which He has widely bestowed on the earth. This has clearly appeared in numerous Qur’anic verses from which are the following: “It is He who has spread out the earth for his creatures. Therein is fruit, and date palms, with spatters, and husked corn, and scented herbs. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?” (Q 55:10-13). “Then let man look at his food, how we pair forth water in abundance, then we split the earth into fragments and produce therein corn and grapes and nutritious plants” (Q 80: 24-28).

It is quiet obvious that the agricultural sector is one of the backbones of any local or national economy. It provides jobs and livelihood for the people, and has a great influence in facilitating the means of earning foreign exchange. It helps in enhancing the rapid growth of any nation that has adopted good agricultural measures for making general infrastructure and providing for the well-being of the populace. Thus, it will right to claim that the growth of the national and international economy hinges on the prosperity in this sector.