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Agriculture always remain in focus particularly for developing countries as it provide food and fiber to their large population. It is a source of income for most of these countries living in rural areas. However, there are many issues that kept this sector un-profitable except few large economies which still dominate in agri produce and per acre yield which is evident from the following list of countries by agriculture output.

Use of technology and access to information are the barriers that kept farmers and value chain players in developing countries from reaping the benefits of this sector.

During last couple of decades, the highest growth has been seen in mobile phone usage among the masses of rural households in developing countries. The development of digital agri information services has thus emerged as the only hope to remove the barriers of agri information asymmetry.

Agriwatch ( is one of the tools in the galaxy of digital world to collect and disseminate agri related information and material for farmers and value chain players to help them improve their practices and knowledge base in the area of agri commodity production, agricultural finance & Credit, visual aid for practices, regulatory framework and product and guidelines in different areas.

Kamran Akram Bakhshi
Founder Triple Is (Pvt) Ltd